Flight of the Gibbon Chiangmai

The real rainforest adventure

The Newest and only canopy adventure in primary rainforest with wild gibbons!

PROGRAM SUMMARY: "See the Jungle Through the Eyes of a Gibbon!"

Experience the beauty, magic and adventure of the only canopy tour located in primary rainforest! High in the tree tops of a pristine national park, you'll glide through the jungle canopy via more than 5 km of thrilling wire zip-lines, scenic sky bridges and adrenaline- inducing abseils, if you're lucky you might get a chance to glimpse a wild gibbon in this pristine nature preserve. Located next to a quaint Thai village, it'll feel like going back in time. Along the way, our highly trained and safety-minded Sky Rangers will share their local knowledge of the rainforest flora and fauna that inhabit this ancient, biologically diverse wonderland. Flight of the Gibbon is an educational adventure guests will never forget, and will be certainly be a highlight of their trip in Thailand!

    • Now Over 5.5 kilometers including a short walk through a nature preserve and the longest zipline in the world
    • 39 stations
    • A chance to see gibbons in their natural environment
    • see, taste and smell jungle herbs growing in the forest
    • learn about the little known facts about forest herbs and how Gibbons fit in with the canopy
    • The Elevated walkway is over 70 meters long and Finishes at the Indiana Jones Bridge!
    • Longest Canopy Skybridge in Asia!
    • 20 Meters High floating Spiral stair case is one of a kind using an engineering design never seen before
    • Don't miss the Avatar Tree hanging over a rushing river
    • Check out the treehouse from an age Gone by
    • 3 hours in the Canopy unless you encounter a wild gibbon in the nature Preserve and have to take a detour
    • 5 Star lunch at our riverside village restaurant
    • also includes Tarzan swing, ziplines, sky bridges, elevated walkways
    • Gibbon Nature gives you all the little known facts about forest herbs and how Gibbons fit in with the canopy
    • Gibbon extreme includes Gibbon Gone Wild TM, Nearly 1 kilometer and easily the fastest at over 80 KPM. Only Possible with our patented Gear. It Scream at high speed with stunning views all the way to Chiang Mai (A bypass is possible for the faint of Heart).
    • VIP transportation
    • Chiang Mai location